About the author of this journal

Hi! My name is Fredrik Frodlund and that right there is me. I’m working as a frontend designer in frosty Sweden (though our summers are really awesome when it’s not raining).

If you’re reading this, it very likely means you’ve found your way to my personal journal. This is a place for me to collect my thoughts, mostly about front end web development. In the good spirit of sharing knowledge, I thought it’d be nice to post all my stuff online for the rest of the world to enjoy. Chances are you might find something useful some day.

Please note that any views and opinions expressed by me on this site are personal and not necessarily shared by my employer.

Technical stuff

This site is just plain static HTML generated with the help of Jekyll. Vector icons used on this site are provided by icomoon.io. Technology-wise, this site uses good old plain HTML5, CSS3 and, for the moment, fairly small amounts of unobtrusive vanilla JavaScript.


I used to host this site on DigitalOcean due to a comprehensible pricing model, a nice control panel and a great community with loads of documentation and helpful people. Paying $5 a month for their lowest tier was pretty damn affordable as well. However, some other projects that required me to run Node.js has now been defunct which led me to go back to Github Pages. Thanks to Github Actions, I could suddenly do a lot more fun stuff with my tool stack for this site.

Still, if you want to give them a try, the above link is a referral that’ll give you a $10 credit. If you happen to like them as much as I do and stay with them, when you spend $25 with them, I get a $25 credit myself (I still use them for other things, so that would be much appreciated).


I’m also using encryption via SSL provided by Let’s Encrypt, a new certificate authority that is free, automated and open. If you’re looking to serve your content encrypted, but always balked at the difficulty and complexity issuing a certificate means, give them a go. They’re currently in open beta.

Getting in touch

Feeling the need to get in touch with me? Have a business inquiry? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at contact@frippz.se. I have limited availability for smaller front end related projects from time to time.

Please don’t bother contacting me if

  • You are a faceless mass-recruiter. I will not reply to you and I will blacklist your email.
  • You want to write a guest post or “collaborate”, whatever that actually means.

Hey, what’s a ”frippz”?

That’s just a nickname my cousin gave me when I was a kid. The ”z” is just because it looks cool. Back in 2005, I quickly needed a domain name for my portfolio when I attended Hyper Island in Karlskrona, and said name came to mind.