Thoughts on a modern CSS reset

I never was a fan of using someone elses CSS reset, like Normalize or even Eric Meyer’s reset.css, but this modern take of a CSS reset caught my eye for several reasons.

In this modern era of web development, we don’t really need a heavy-handed reset, or even a reset at all, because CSS browser compatibility issues are much less likely than they were in the old IE 6 days. That era was when resets such as normalize.css came about and saved us all heaps of hell. Those days are gone now and we can trust our browsers to behave more, so I think resets like that are probably mostly redundant.

The reset for lists is frickin’ genius!

/* Remove default padding */
ol[class] {
  padding: 0;

Why didn’t I think of that?

Extra bonus points for the piece by piece explanations for each section.