Developing websites for Apple Watch

As of WatchOS 5, you are able to render web content on the Apple Watch. Marcus Herrmann did a write-up on the subject this summer and after stumbling over it, I couldn’t resist doing some testing on my own site. Actually, all I did was to add the following to my <head>:

<meta name="disabled-adaptations" content="watch">

Also, I did some quick and dirty experimenting with a (very ugly) media query that should target only Apple Watches. More testing is warranted.

/* Apple Watch only? How can this possibly come back to bite me in the ass? */
@media only screen and (max-width: 22em) and (max-height: 357px) {

  html {
    font-size: 6.5vmax;

It works… ok, I guess? It might need some more work.

Update: It appears that my code blocks looks like crap at the moment. I will have to take a look at that at some point…