On browser support for evergreen websites

Rachel Andrew:

“Pixel perfect” meant “this website looks like this graphic”. Designers reacted in horror that users might increase their text size. Browser compatibility ranged from “Best Viewed in Internet Explorer” badges to the development of two separate sites, one for each browser in order to ensure the same design was shown to each.

I remember those days back in the 90s and early 2000s. While it was fun to tackle such challenges, I still shudder thinking back knowing what I know now.

We don’t have 99% browser support for border-radius, or for pretty much anything introduced in the last few years. If you think you need 99% support to use any CSS you probably had best stop using CSS altogether.

So true. Applying progressive enhancement in all your work makes your job a lot easier in the end. The challenge is selling the idea to your client. In my experience, transparency is key. Be open with how you communicate your ideas and what benefits it will offer. Telling them that a majority of their users will receive the high-end experience, but at the same time a wider audience can be reached, helps a lot.