Ending the dyslexia legibility experiment

Back in February, I decided to do a little experiment right here on my journal web site, whereby I added a simple JavaScript function to toggle styling that should increase the legibility for people with dyslexia. Partly, it was for me to do some JavaScript hacking, but also to try and get some feedback about the validity of the write up “A Typeface For Dyslexics? Don’t Buy Into The Hype”.

Nine months have passed since I published that post, and I feel it’s time to remove the toggle from my web site. While I did get some amount of response from people suffering from dyslexia, I felt it wasn’t quite enough. I’ll update the original post in due time and move the experiment into its own lab page.

I’d like to thank those to gave feedback and helped me do this little experiment (you know who you are 😊).