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Muddying the waters of progressive enhancement

I did some work on a project for a client yesterday, where I was working on some specific JavaScript based functionality. By some weird chance, the JavaScript didn’t execute due to some weird error and nothing was showing up in the browser console. Later on it was found to be Webpack that didn’t build the file, hence no JavaScript. Anyway, this little event prompted me to post the following on Twitter:

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Maybe some developers are just plain lazy

In the wake of the news that Facebook has put out a new product that allows iPhone users to read news articles without leaving Facebook, several prominent characters on the web have put in their two cents on the matter.

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Everyone uses JavaScript, right?

Last week, a link came up in my Twitter feed that resonated very well with me, as is often the case when it comes to posts and articles championing the practice of progressive enhancement and responsible use of JavaScript. The article in question was titled “Everyone has JavaScript, right?

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Tags, elements and attributes

Boy, this never gets old, does it? Back in the day, when I was but a green, eager to learn, front end web developer, I more than once fell into the trap of referring to everything (almost) as a tag. A couple of years down the road, I know better. But some people never learn, it seems. That gives me the urge to vent.

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On browser support and binary choices

I have more often than not been faced with the following scenario; a client, a colleague or maybe a project manager will ask the old-as-dirt question:

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